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Going to a fancy party? Or heading out for a night with your friends? Whatever the occasion, a shirt always fits in! On this page you will see our collection of shirts that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Womens shirts – one of the most popular pieces of clothing 

Shirts might be inspired by menswear, but nowadays they are almost as popular with women as they are with men. So don’t be shy – spice up that old wardrobe! Derived from how the shirt is used by men, the traditional styling of a shirt is both chic and professional. With focus on feminine and well refined accessories, such as a sophisticated handbag along with an artful blazer, you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect outfit for you.

Despite the shirt’s popularity it still has plenty of room for experimentation. This is one of our noblest focusses at Desires. We constantly seek to redefine the old styles with new and brave color variations and patterns. So, look through our collection of shirts – we guarantee that you can find inspirational styles within!

Dressy Shirts can be one of your most used and versatile pieces of clothing

When going out with your girlfriends, the most important thing is your confidence. A beautiful, dressy shirt can certainly empower you to conquer the world around you. With the exceptional versatility of the shirt, it becomes easy to achieve any look you’d like – the shirt can be styled in countless ways! For example, if you’re going for a cool look that's great for clubbing  combining a shirt with some black pants and your favorite boots is perfect! If you want to go even less mainstream, a shirt jacket is perfect! These can be combined with anything and are very fashionable right now – The sky is the limit!

Short sleeved shirts are perfect for warmer weather

The desires brand is all about open-mindedness, our tolerance for different stylings and color variations is infinite. What better time of the year to show off who YOU are than in the summertime? Grab a colorful, patterned shirt with short sleeves and combine it with a beautiful set of shorts and your favorite sandals – you’ll be a summertime queen!

Buy your next favorite shirt from Desires

With our eternal focus on fashion, sustainability and self-confidence you’ll be sure to find something you like among our collections. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and be updated on any news in the Desires brand.