About Desires


She’s ahead of the curve and stays well-informed. Whether it’s in regards to the political climate, social and cultural movements, fashion or the latest meme to break the Internet, she’s aware and alert - and she’s not afraid to speak what’s on her mind and voice her own opinions.

Trying new things and experimenting with self-expression is part of who she is. Sometimes she wins, and sometimes she learns - and no matter what, she always gets right back up and continues on her journey of self-discovery and adventure.



DESIRES was launched in 2013 with the desire to create affordable fashion for younger women.

Inspired by the boldness and inventiveness of the DESIRES muse, our brand offers clothes that embody international female empowerment combined with a streetstyle inspired Scandinavian aesthetic. We’re not afraid to mix and match different style influences and experiment with our collections in order to stay just as fashion-forward as the women we aspire to inspire.

The DESIRES brand is owned by Redefined Fashion A/S, located in Ikast, Denmark.