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Is knit your latest new obsession? Then they are to be found here as blouses and cardigans in strong colours with redefined expressions. Knits that undoubtedly will be perfect for your coloured every day.

Desires knits you will desire

Knits in so many different styles, sweats, blouses, or cardigans in knitting. Desires offer everything your heart will desire. You can easily make a real Noora look from Skam, with a knit or roll-neck to a pair of skinny jeans - just remember the lipstick! The quality is comfortable, so we can ensure you pleasant fit when you are out conquering the world. On the journey to your next goal bring a Desires knit. We know that you are unpredictable and the weather can be just as unpredictable. So go rock the knit as a jacket during the summer, or as an extra layer to your outfit during the winter. Your energy will still be lively and spot on to your future spontaneous experiences.